ForFHA is the web's most comprehensive listing of FHA approved condos and townhomes. This site was created to assist the thousands of homebuyers who are searching for a home in today's challenging housing and mortgage market.
Stomachly allows visitors to rate restaurants on a single unique metric, how badly they must use the bathroom after visiting that restaurant. Stomachly was created for the 2009 Rail Rumble competition over the course of a single weekend.
ApartmentGuide connects millions of renters with apartment complexes every year. As the flagship site of Primedia Inc, ApartmentGuide represents the success of corporate application of agile and Ruby web development.
RentalHouses is an industry leading home rental site with nationwide listings. This site was the first Ruby on Rails conversion to be launched in production by Primedia Inc.
Digital Xpress
The Digital Xpress is an online writing community for K-12 students that is designed around the connected concepts of Web 2.0. For more information about the platform and my role in it's development click here
The CouncilNet is a content management system and collaborative network developed for the Council for Opportunity in Education.
Parents As Teachers (PAT) is a project of the Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life who needed a web based data entry and reporting system for their in-field teachers.
SCORE 2004
SCORE 2004 was a conference for student governing bodies of residential housing at South Carolina universities. This website provided online conference registration and planning services.
Freshman Stories
Freshman Stories is a site developed for the Clemson University Freshman Council to provide peer generated information for incoming freshman students.