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Front Page

CouncilNet 2 Home Page.

CouncilNet 2 Survey

CouncilNet 2 survey functionality.

CouncilNet 2 Threads

CouncilNet 2 threaded discussions (forums)

CouncilNet 2 Calendar

CouncilNet 2 calendar section

CouncilNet 2 File Sharing

CouncilNet 2 provides file distribution capability through the Docman plugin for Joomla.

CouncilNet 2 Chat

CouncilNet 2 supports real-time chat through the intuitive interface offered by FlashChat.

CouncilNet 2 Administration

CouncilNet 2 content and functionality can be controlled entirely through the Joomla administration section.

CouncilNet 1 Home Page

CouncilNet 1 is a custom developed content management system built around phpBB.

CouncilNet 1 Content Display

CouncilNet 1 content delivered through the custom CMS.

CouncilNet 1 Administration

CouncilNet 1 supports full online administration through it's custom back-end.

Project Attributes

Languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Flash

Packages: Joomla, JACL, Docman, FlashChat, phpQuestionnaire, phpBB, multiforums

Platform: SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9, VMWare VI3, Apache 2, PHP 5, MySQL 4, Zend Optimizer

Tools: Macromedia Dreamweaver, phpMyAdmin

Other: This portfolio includes version 1 and 2 of the CouncilNet. Version 1 is based on phpBB with a custom administrative back-end. Version 2 is based on the Joomla content management system.

Project Involvement
  • Outlined full feature spec with remote client and developed proof of concepts to demonstrate product capability
  • Developed two versions of the application over a 2 year period.
    The first included a custom CMS on top of phpBB and the second was a multi-site Joomla installation
  • Hosted and managed the application while providing direct client support