Portfolio > Digital Xpress

Front Page

Current welcome and login page.

Admin Home Page

The home page and control panel for Digital Xpress administrators.

Profile Editor

Profile editor for password and buddy icon changes.

List display

A consistent layout is used for list data to give teachers quick access to the information they need.

Teacher Home Page

From the home page a teacher can access all enrolled students, manage assignments, and review student work.

Assignment Editor

Assignments can be created and managed through the intuitive assignment editor.

Writing Review

Teachers can review, grade, and provide feedback to their students through the review section.

Writing Review

Teachers can review, grade, and provide feedback to their students through the review section.

Student Home Page

Students access assignments as well as view and review peer work through their home page.

Student Assignments

Students can view and select assignments posted by their teachers.

Student Writing Editor

Students compose their work using a rich text editor and guided by a picture and text prompt.

Project Attributes

Languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

Libraries: Prototype, Scriptaculous, JQuery

Engines: Smarty

Platform: SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, VMWare VI3, Apache 2, PHP 5, MySQL 4, Zend Optimizer

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite 3, Firebug, Subversion, Zend Studio Pro, Nusphere PHP IDE, phpMyAdmin, Basecamp, MS Visio

Other: User interface design for K-5 students.
Web 2.0 community structure and design.
Built on a VMware virtualized development and testing platform.

Visit Site: http://www.mydigitalxpress.com

Project Involvement
  • Led development from ideation through delivery and supported users post-launch
  • Developed custom process to support the software development lifecycle with our small team
  • Translated loosely defined requirements into actionable items for design and development
  • Created wireframes and aided in the design and creation of all front end assets
  • Built virtualized development and production environments with SVN for source control and deployment
  • Led focus group to test usability of the second generation app with teachers
  • Observed students in-class and adjusted the application to improve student experience and success