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Home page with intuitive map guided navigation.

State List

State level offers cities and zips with FHA approved properties.

Location list

Location level offers a list of all FHA approved properties for that location.

Property Details

Property details are clearly presented.

Project Attributes

Languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript

Frameworks: JQuery

Platform: CentOS, Apache, MySQL

Tools: TextMate, VIM, PivotalTracker, Git, Smarty

Gems: nokogiri, mechanize, hpricot, activerecord

Other: ForFHA is a highly usable index of the Department of Housing and Urban Development's FHA Approved condo database. This site was created to help homebuyers locate FHA approved condos and townhomes fast and easy.

Visit Site: http://www.forfha.com

Project Involvement
  • Processed and cleaned FHA approved condo data from HUD.gov for over 50,000 condos
  • Designed clean interface to improve access of the data over the HUD managed site
  • Developed SEM campaign to drive key traffic to site in it's first month
  • Hosted on prgmr.com VPS