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Pecha Kucha in a Corporate Setting

Around 3 months ago over a discussion at happy hour with a co-worker I was exposed to the concept of Pecha Kucha.  I was immediately drawn to it as an answer to a desire I had to expand communication and encourage communication across teams in my company.

For those who are not familiar with Pecha Kucha some background:

  • A presentation format of 20 slides that automatically advance after 20 seconds
  • The topic can be anything
  • Pecha Kucha originated in Tokyo, Japan in 2003 as a forum for designers to share their work
  • You can learn more at: http://pecha-kucha.org

In the corporate space you can utilize this format to promote cross-functional sharing of knowledge and ideas.  At our company we’ve seen presentations that range from customer relationship management to site usability to social media.

We host 2 sessions a month for 30 minutes each with 3 presentations.  In this time we’ve seen presentations from across the company with several getting the attention of corporate executives and resulting in changes to product and process.

In summary Pecha Kucha in the corporation is a simple presentation format that can empower employees.